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starry-eyed surprise

The rat
He's not evil - he's a survivalist. A survivalist who sometimes likes to kiss other guys.
- Nick Lea on Alex Krycek.

Code is a modified version of Halffling & Kunzite1. BG by 247 Media Studios. Header & Mood by me.

[Pimp] Announcing The Lucius Malfoy Fuh-Q-Fest

Well, it's been a bit of a busy Winter for me and now with Spring here, things could go either way. I've been iconing in my spare time and hopefully will have many goodies for you soon.


While looking around the various fic archives and masterlists, I noticed an awful lack of Lucius centric fic and artwork. This saddened me immensely. I complained loudly to [info]darkhavens who listened with the patience of a saint and encouraged me to create the fest [♥]. I then asked [info]suki_blue if she would be interested in modding the fest with me since she adores him so. She said yes and here we are!

The fest will be hosted at Insane Journal here - [info]luciusfqf - and co-ordinated here at LJ - [info]luciusfqf.

What I'd like from you are prompts! Any pairing, any genre, canon or AU.

Read the rules here and then post as many prompts as you can think up here. Claiming begins Sept 15 to Dec 10 and the posting window is from Dec 20 to Feb 15. We thought since all the seasonal communities are running very soon people wouldn't have time to participate, so we've stretched both the claiming and posting rounds so more people will be able to play!

There is no obligation involved with providing prompts - we want as many ideas as you can provide so as to give the claimants as wide a choice as possible. Non-writers and non-artists are encouraged to prompt too!

Gen, het, and slash are all welcome, and there's even a mixed bag category if you don't want to choose a genre! Movie canon, book canon and AU - anything goes, so long as it's Lucius-centric.

[info]luciusfqf :: [info]luciusfqf
because Lucius needs love too!

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